Andrey Kaulen (1951-2000)
X-Ray Crystallography of Bacteriorhodopsin and Its Photointermediates : Insights into the Mechanism of Proton Transport
Photoisomerization in Rhodopsin
Non-Isomerizable Artificial Pigments : Implications for the Primary Light-Induced Events in Bacteriorhodopsin
Photoelectrochemical Cycle of Bacteriorhodopsin
Charge Motion during the Photocycle of Bacteriorhodopsin
Proton Transport Mechanism of Bacteriorhodopsin as Revealed by Site-Specific Mutagenesis and Protein Sequence Variability
Internal Water Molecules as Mobile Polar Groups for Light-Induced Proton Translocation in Bacteriorhodopsin and Rhodopsin as Studied by Difference FTIR Spectroscopy
Infrared Methods for Monitoring the Protonation State of Carboxylic Amino Acids in the Photocycle of Bacteriorhodopsin
Photochemistry and Photoinduced Proton-Transfer by Pharaonis Phoborhodopsin
Kinetics and pH Dependence of Light-Induced Deprotonation of the Schiff Base of Rhodopsin : Possible Coupling to Proton Uptake and Formation of the Active Form of Meta II
Rhodopsin Receptors of Phototaxis in Green Flagellate Algae
Importance of Lipids for Bacteriorhodopsin Structure, Photocycle, and Function
FTIR Emission Spectra of Bacteriorhodopsin in a Vibrational Excited-State
Synthesis and Properties of Bacteriorhodopsin Analogs Containing Electron-Density Labels in the Chromophore Moiety