Proteinases of the Blood Coagulation System and Fibrinolysis as Cell Regulators
Blood Coagulation
Contact System. New Concepts on Activation Mechanisms and Bioregulatory Functions
Gene Targeting of Tissue Factor, Factor X, and Factor VII in Mice : Their Involvement in Embryonic Development
Genetic Mechanisms of Hereditary Hemostasis Disorders
The Blood Platelet as a Model for Regulating Blood Coagulation on Cell Surfaces and Its Consequences
Thrombin Regulation of Cell Function through Protease-Activated Receptors : Implications for Therapeutic Intervention
Receptors of the PAR Family as a Link between Blood Coagulation and Inflammation
Molecular Mechanisms of Thrombin-Induced Endothelial Cell Permeability
Statin Drugs and Dietary Isoprenoids Downregulate Protein Prenylation in Signal Transduction and Are Antithrombotic and Prothrombolytic Agents
Matrix Metalloproteinases and Cellular Fibrinolytic Activity
The Fibrinolysis System : Regulation of Activity and Physiologic Functions of Its Main Components
Urokinase as a Multidomain Protein and Polyfunctional Cell Regulator
Plasminogen Activators in Vascular Remodeling and Angiogenesis
Fibrinogen–Fibrin System Regulators from Bloodsuckers
Vascular–Platelet and Plasma Hemostasis Regulators from Bloodsucking Animals