Reactive Oxygen Species and Regulation of Gene Expression
Nitric Oxide Cycle in Mammals and the Cyclicity Principle
Cytotoxic Signal Transmission Pathways via TNF Family Receptors
Derivatives of Benzotetrazine-1,3-dioxide Are New NO-donors, Activators of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase, and Inhibitors of Platelet Aggregation
Study of the Functional Organization of a Novel Adenylate Cyclase Signaling Mechanism of Insulin Action
Oxidative Modification of Proteins
Hydrocarbons, Fatty Acids, and Lipids of Freshwater Grasses of the Potamogetonaceae Family
Effect of Synthetic β-Endorphin-Like Peptide Immunorphin on Human T Lymphocytes
A New Pathway of Photoinactivation of Photosystem II. Irreversible Photoreduction of Pheophytin Causes Loss of Photochemical Activity of Isolated D1–D2–Cytochrome b559 Complex
X-Ray Analysis of Ribosomes
Advances in Chromatography
Quantitative Chromatographic Analysis
Neuroscientific Basis of Dementia