Arabinogalactan Proteins : Involvement in Plant Growth and Morphogenesis
Computer-Aided Analysis of Spatial Structure of Some Hydrolytic Enzymes
Effect of “External” Superoxide Anion on Apoptosis in Coleoptiles of Wheat Seedlings
Molecular Characteristics of OmpF-Like Porins from Pathogenic Yersinia
Functional Role of the N-Terminal Domain of Bacteriophage T4-Gene Product 11
Formation of Bacteriochlorophyll Form B820 in Light Harvesting 2 Complexes from Purple Sulfur Bacteria Treated with Dioxane
Location of the Bases Modified by M.BcoKIA and M.BcoKIB Methylases in the Sequence 5′-CTCTTC-3′/5′-GAAGAG-3′
Effect of Calcium Ions on Enteropeptidase Catalysis
Orientation and Mobility of Actin in Different Intermediate States of the ATP Hydrolysis Cycle
Effect of Nucleotides on the Orientation and Mobility of Myosin Subfragment-1 in Ghost Muscle Fiber
Thermodynamic Characteristics of Plasminogen Activation by Indirect Activators
Binding Sites for Transcription Factor SF-1 in Promoter Regions of Genes Encoding Mouse Steroidogenesis Enzymes 3βHSDI and P450c17
Enhanced Activity of DNA Polymerase Iota in Mouse Brain Cells Is Associated with Aggressiveness
Further Characterization of a Sarcoplasmic Serine Proteinase from the Skeletal Muscle of White Croaker (Argyrosomus argentatus)
Role of Two Chloride-Binding Sites in Functioning of Testicular Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme
Reactions of Peroxynitrite and Nitrite with Organic Molecules and Hemoglobin
Codon 12 Region of Mouse K-ras Gene Is the Site for in vitro Binding of Transcription Factors GATA-6 and NF-Y
Gerontological Aspects of Genome Peptide Regulation
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