Evolution of cell interactions with extracellular matrix during carcinogenesis
Changes in regulation of cell—cell adhesion during tumor transformation
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Carcinogenesis induced by foreign bodies
Affinity purification of a siderophore that exhibits an antagonistic effect against soft rot bacterium
Oxidative stress as regulatory factor for fatty-acid-induced uncoupling involving liver mitochondrial ADP/ATP and aspartate/glutamate antiporters of old rats
Implication of α5β1 integrin in invasion of drug-resistant MCF-7/ADR breast carcinoma cells
Localization of Mullerian inhibiting substance receptors in various human cancer cell lines
Engineering, expression, and purification of “soluble” human cytochrome P45017α and its functional characterization
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Induction of β-1,3-glucanase in callus cultures in vitro
Tolerance to antimicrobial agents and persistence of Escherichia coli and cyanobacteria