Role of A-chain in functioning of the active site of human α-thrombin
Synthesis, characterization, and studies on DNA binding of a new Mg(II) complex with N1,N8-bis(1-methyl-4-nitropyrrole-2-carbonyl)triethylenetetramine
Interaction between kringle and growth-factor-like domains in the urokinase molecule
Interaction of APE1 and other repair proteins with DNA duplexes imitating intermediates of DNA repair and replication
Ribonuclease, deoxyribonuclease, and antiviral activity of Escherichia coli-expressed Bougainvillea xbuttiana antiviral protein 1
Membrane localization of the MAK-V protein kinase
Lipid rafts association of synaptotagmin I on synaptic vesicles
Isolation and physicochemical properties of tankyrase of human embryonic kidney cells of line 293
Lipid synthesis in macrophages during inflammation in vivo
Role of glucocorticoids and resident liver macrophages in induction of tyrosine aminotransferase
Extracellular yeast-lytic enzyme of the bacterium Lysobacter sp. XL 1
Proteins and peptides of the salivary gland secretion of medicinal leeches Hirudo verbana, H. medicinalis, and H. orientalis
Mitochondrial nucleoside diphosphate kinase
Brain cathepsin B cleaves a caspase substrate
Hyperactivation of succinate dehydrogenase in lymphocytes of newborn rats
siRNAs targeting mouse myostatin
Evolution of DNA polymerase ι structure and function in eukaryotes
Human heart LIM protein has transcription activation ability related to LIM domain 1
Cytoskeleton inhibitors combined with TRAIL induce apoptosis in HeLa carcinoma cells overexpressing antiapoptotic protein Bcl-2
Notable and anniversary dates in biochemistry for 2008