Molecular Mechanisms of Homocysteine Toxicity
Aggregation of Frog Rhodopsin to Oligomers and Their Dissociation to Monomer
Activation and Damage of Endothelial Cells upon Hypoxia/Reoxygenation. Effect of Extracellular pH
Epigenetic DNA-(Cytosine-5-Carbon) Modifications
High Salt Stress in Coupled and Uncoupled Thylakoid Membranes
Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Cytochrome c
Resistance of α-Crystallin Quaternary Structure to UV Irradiation
Synergism of Ammonium and Palmitic Acid in Uncoupling of Electron Transfer and ATP Synthesis in Chloroplasts
Probing for Actinase Activity of Protealysin
Enzymological Properties of Endo-(1–4)-β-Glucanase Eg12p of Penicillium canescens and Characteristics of Structural Gene egl2
Safranine O as a Fluorescent Probe for Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Studied on the Single Particle Level and in Suspension
Fusion of Barnase to Antiferritin Antibody F11 VH Domain Results in a Partially Folded Functionally Active Protein
Sulfation of N-Acyl Dopamines in Rat Tissues
Comparison of Redox State of Cells of Tatar Buckwheat Morphogenic Calluses and Non-Morphogenic Calluses Obtained from Them
Comparative Study of immobilized and soluble NADH:FMN-Oxidoreductase-Luciferase Coupled Enzyme System
Experimental Glycoscience. Glycobiology