An overview on nucleases (DNase, RNase, and phosphodiesterase) in snake venoms
Dynamics of nonmembranous cell components : Role of active transport along microtubules
Structure of the O-antigen and characterization of the O-antigen gene cluster of Escherichia coli O108 containing 5,7-diacetamido-3,5,7,9-tetradeoxy-L- glycero -D- galacto -non-2-ulosonic (8-epilegionaminic) acid
Femtosecond formation dynamics of primary photoproducts of visual pigment rhodopsin
Protein trypsin inhibitor from potato tubers
Isolation and properties of xyloglucanases of Penicillium sp.
Energization of Bacillus subtilis membrane vesicles increases catalytic activity of succinate : Menaquinone oxidoreductase
Substrate specificity and biochemical properties of M3.BstF5I DNA methyltransferase from the BstF5I restriction-modification system
Biochemical and morphological changes in dormant (“Nonculturable”) Mycobacterium smegmatis cells
Role of short conserved segments of α- and β-subunits that link F1-ATPase catalytic and noncatalytic sites
Molecular cloning of a cotton phosphatase gene and its functional characterization
Production of hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide following introduction of nitrate and nitrite into wheat leaf apoplast
Calcium signal-initiated early activation of NF-κB in neurons is a neuroprotective event in response to kainic acid-induced excitotoxicity
Identifying functional residues in Arabidopsis thaliana zeta class glutathione S -transferase through screening inactive point mutants
YB-1 is capable of forming extended nanofibrils
Israel Moiseevich Gelfand