Regulatory Roles of JNK in Programmed Cell Death
Roles of MAP Kinase Cascades in Caenorhabditis elegans
Mechanisms for Removal of Developmentally Abnormal Cells: Cell Competition and Morphogenetic Apoptosis
A New Approach for Rapidly Reshaping Single-Chain Antibody In Vitro by Combining DNA Shuffling with Ribosome Display
Side Chain–Side Chain Interactions of Arginine with Tyrosine and Aspartic Acid in Arg/Gly/Tyr–Rich Domains within Plant Glycine-Rich RNA Binding Proteins
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer between Points on Actin and the C-Terminal Region of Tropomyosin in Skeletal Muscle Thin Filaments
Intermediates in the Inactivation and Unfolding of Dimeric Arginine Kinase Induced by GdnHCl
Interaction of Myosin·ADP·Fluorometal Complexes with Fluorescent Probes and Direct Observation Using Quick-Freeze Deep-Etch Electron Microscopy
Lysosomal Acid Lipase as a Preproprotein
Construction and Function of Two Cys146-Mutants with High Activity, Derived from Recombinant Human Soluble B Lymphocyte Stimulator
Protective Properties of Neoechinulin A against SIN-1–Induced Neuronal Cell Death
Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Associates with Insulin Receptor and Negatively Regulates Insulin Signaling without Receptor Internalization
Massspectrometric Analyses of Transmembrane Proteins in Human Erythrocyte Membrane
N-Terminal Modification and Its Effect on the Biochemical Characteristics of Akazara Scallop Tropomyosins Expressed in Escherichia coli
Thermal Equilibrium of Two Conformations in Photosensitive Nitrile Hydratase Probed by the FTIR Band of Nitric Oxide Bound to the Non-Heme Iron Center