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A Picoliter Chamber Array for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis
Conformational Difference in HMGB1 Proteins of Human Neutrophils and Lymphocytes Revealed by Epitope Mapping of a Monoclonal Antibody
Importance of Exposed Aromatic Residues in Chitinase B from Serratia marcescens 2170 for Crystalline Chitin Hydrolysis
HTRP—An Immediate-Early Gene Product Induced by HSV1 Infection in Human Embryo Fibroblasts, Is Involved in Cellular Co-Repressors
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Developmental Expression of a Sialyltransferase Responsible for Sialylation of Cortical Alveolus Glycoprotein during Oogenesis in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Interchangeability and Distinct Properties of Bacterial Fe-S Cluster Assembly Systems: Functional Replacement of the isc and suf Operons in Escherichia coli with the nifSU-Like Operon from Helicobacter pylori
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Biochemical Characterization of TT1383 from Thermus thermophilus Identifies a Novel dNTP Triphosphohydrolase Activity Stimulated by dATP and dTTP
Role of the Heme Regulatory Motif in the Heme-Mediated Inhibition of Mitochondrial Import of 5-Aminolevulinate Synthase
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