The ASK1-MAP Kinase Cascades in Mammalian Stress Response
Regulation of the Osmoregulatory HOG MAPK Cascade in Yeast
Identification and Characterization of the Hypoxia-Responsive Element of the Human Placental 6-Phosphofructo-2-Kinase/Fructose-2,6-Bisphosphatase Gene
Abundant Retention and Release of Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF/CCN2) by Platelets
Characterization of a Polysaccharide Deacetylase Gene Homologue (pdaB) on Sporulation of Bacillus subtilis
Novel Prolyl Tri/Tetra-Peptidyl Aminopeptidase from Streptomyces mobaraensis: Substrate Specificity and Enzyme Gene Cloning
Relationship between Intron 4b Splicing of the Rat Geranylgeranyl Diphosphate Synthase Gene and the Active Enzyme Expression Level
Transcriptional Coactivators CBP and p300 Cooperatively Enhance HNF-1α–Mediated Expression of the Albumin Gene in Hepatocytes
Immortalized Dendritic Cell Line with Efficient Cross-Priming Ability Established from Transgenic Mice Harboring the Temperature-Sensitive SV40 Large T-Antigen Gene
Parasite Killing in Plasmodium vivax Malaria by Nitric Oxide: Implication of Aspartic Protease Inhibition
Deletion and Purification Studies to Elucidate the Structure of the Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans Cytolethal Distending Toxin
Differential Contributions of ATF6 and XBP1 to the Activation of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Responsive cis-Acting Elements ERSE, UPRE and ERSE-II
N ε-(Carboxymethyl)lysine and 3-DG-Imidazolone Are Major AGE Structures in Protein Modification by 3-Deoxyglucosone
Increased A:T→C:G Mutations in the mutT Strain upon 8-Hydroxy-dGTP Treatment: Direct Evidence for MutT Involvement in the Prevention of Mutations by Oxidized dGTP
Reconstitution and Replacement of Bacteriochlorophyll a Molecules in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers
Effects of Adenosine Dialdehyde Treatment on In Vitro and In Vivo Stable Protein Methylation in HeLa Cells
In Vitro and In Vivo Effects of the Overexpression of Osteopontin on Osteoblast Differentiation Using a Recombinant Adenoviral Vector
Mutational Analysis of the Helix-Turn-Helix Region of Bacillus subtilis Response Regulator DegU, and Identification of cis-Acting Sequences for DegU in the aprE and comK Promoters
Cleavage of Calnexin Caused by Apoptotic Stimuli: Implication for the Regulation of Apoptosis