Regulation of GATA1 Gene Expression
Cross-talks between Transcription and Post-transcriptional Events within a ‘mRNA Factory’
Secretion Expression and Activity Assay of a Novel Fusion Protein of Thrombopoietin and Interleukin-6 in Pichia pastoris
Studying on the 19-bp Palindrome Repeats in Human Cytomegalovirus Immediate Early Enhancer/Promoter Reveals their Diversity in Function for the Promoter Activity
Characteristics of Type IV Collagen Unfolding Under Various pH Conditions as a Model of Pathological Disorder in Tissue
A Long-lived o-Semiquinone Radical Anion is Formed from N-β-alanyl-5-S-glutathionyl-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (5-S-GAD), an Insect-derived Antibacterial Substance
Marked Difference Between Self-aggregations of First and Fourth Repeat Peptides on Tau Microtubule-binding Domain in Acidic Solution
A Cholesterol-independent Membrane Microdomain Serves as a Functional Counter-receptor for E-selectin at the Colo201 Cell Surface and Initiates Signalling on E-selectin Binding
Effect of Polyethylene Glycols on the Function and Structure of Thiol Proteases
Identification of Radicals Formed in the Reaction Mixtures of Rat Liver Microsomes with ADP, Fe3+ and NADPH Using HPLC–EPR and HPLC–EPR–MS
Identification of a Novel Peptide Ligand of Human Vascular Endothelia Growth Factor Receptor 3 for Targeted Tumour Diagnosis and Therapy
Molecular Determinants of Substrate Recognition in Thermostable α-glucosidases Belonging to Glycoside Hydrolase Family 13
Diphtheria Toxin Mutant CRM197 Possesses Weak EF2-ADP-ribosyl Activity that Potentiates its Anti-tumorigenic Activity
Transgenic Mice Expressing a Fully Nontoxic Diphtheria Toxin Mutant, not CRM197 Mutant, Acquire Immune Tolerance against Diphtheria Toxin
The Cooperative Role of OsCnfU-1A Domain I and Domain II in the Iron–Sulphur Cluster Transfer Process as Revealed by NMR
Both Mammalian PIG-M and PIG-X are Required for Growth of GPI14-Disrupted Yeast