Roles of old players in the suppression of a new player : networks for the transcriptional control of angiogenesis
Fibroblast growth factors : from molecular evolution to roles in development, metabolism and disease
Functions of phospholipid flippases
Human bile salt-dependent lipase efficiency on medium-chain acyl-containing substrates : control by sodium taurocholate
Quinolone compounds enhance δ-aminolevulinic acid-induced accumulation of protoporphyrin IX and photosensitivity of tumour cells
Increased globotriaosylceramide levels in a transgenic mouse expressing human α1,4-galactosyltransferase and a mouse model for treating Fabry disease
Inhibitory effect of extracellular histidine on cobalt-induced HIF-1α expression
ATP-binding cassette transporter isoform C2 localizes to the apical plasma membrane via interactions with scaffolding protein
A single amino acid mutation at position 170 of human parainfluenza virus type 1 fusion glycoprotein induces obvious syncytium formation and caspase-3-dependent cell death
Interaction defect of the medium isoform of PTS1-receptor Pex5p with PTS2-receptor Pex7p abrogates the PTS2 protein import into peroxisomes in mammals
Octylguanidine ameliorates the damaging effect of mercury on renal functions
Comparison of recombinant protein expression in a baculovirus system in insect cells (Sf9) and silkworm