Riboflavin transporter is finally identified
Regulation of protein tyrosine phosphatases by reversible oxidation
Signalling mechanisms of RhoGTPase regulation by the heterotrimeric G proteins G12 and G13
Core-APOBEC3C chimerical protein inhibits hepatitis B virus replication
Molecular cloning of a Pinguiochrysis pyriformis oleate-specific microsomal Δ12-fatty acid desaturase and functional analysis in yeasts and thraustochytrids†
Identification of a 42-kDa Group IV cPLA2-activating protein, cPLAPγ, as a GTP-binding protein in the bovine brain
Role of Asp187 and Gln190 in the Na+/proline symporter (PutP) of Escherichia coli
StHsp14.0, a small heat shock protein of Sulfolobus tokodaii strain 7, protects denatured proteins from aggregation in the partially dissociated conformation
Calpain-7 binds to CHMP1B at its second α-helical region and forms a ternary complex with IST1
Cell-free RNA replication systems based on a human cell extracts-derived in vitro translation system with the encephalomyocarditisvirus RNA
Comprehensive characterization of secreted aspartic proteases encoded by a virulence gene family in Candida albicans
Characterization of three different single chain antibodies recognizing non-reducing terminal mannose residues expressed in Escherichia coli by an inducible T7 expression system
Position-dependent effect of a neural-restrictive silencer-like element present in the promoter downstream of the SCG10-like protein gene
Cellular responses induced by cerium oxide nanoparticles