Low-molecular-weight compounds having neurotrophic activity in cultured PC12 cells and neurons
Toshiaki Osawa†
Shigeru Tsuiki
Cu2+ triggers reversible aggregation of a disordered His-rich dehydrin MpDhn12 from Musa paradisiaca
A unique epidermal mucus lectin identified from catfish (Silurus asotus)
Characterization of novel glycolipid antigens with an α-galactose epitope in lactobacilli detected with rabbit anti-Lactobacillus antisera and occurrence of antibodies against them in human sera
Identification of a plant aminopeptidase with preference for aromatic amino acid residues as a novel member of the prolyl oligopeptidase family of serine proteases
Improvement of the crystallizability and expression of an RNA crystallization chaperone
Engineering of the glycan-binding specificity of Agrocybe cylindracea galectin towards α(2,3)-linked sialic acid by saturation mutagenesis
Mapping of NRF binding motifs of NF-kappaB p65 subunit
Structural insight into the stereoselective production of PGF2α by Old Yellow Enzyme from Trypanosoma cruzi
Interaction of a goose-type lysozyme with chitin oligosaccharides as determined by NMR spectroscopy
A molecular design that stabilizes active state in bacterial allosteric L-lactate dehydrogenases