Biology of the apelin-APJ axis in vascular formation
The in silico screening and X-ray structure analysis of the inhibitor complex of Plasmodium falciparum orotidine 5′-monophosphate decarboxylase
Mechanism of inhibition of the prothrombinase complex by a covalent antithrombin–heparin complex
Physical and functional interaction of the active zone protein CAST/ERC2 and the β-subunit of the voltage-dependent Ca2+ channel
Moloney murine leukemia virus integrase and reverse transcriptase interact with PML proteins
An anticancer agent, pyrvinium pamoate inhibits the NADH–fumarate reductase system—a unique mitochondrial energy metabolism in tumour microenvironments
Calcium-dependent regulation of the motor activity of recombinant full-length Physarum myosin
Effect of an MCM4 mutation that causes tumours in mouse on human MCM4/6/7 complex formation
A mechanistic study of the formation of hydroxyl radicals induced by horseradish peroxidase with NADH
Rice kinesin O12 is identical to kinesin OsKCH1