Suggestions for unifying the terminology in biological control
Recombinant and classically selected factors of potato plant resistance to the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata, variously affect the potato aphid parasitoid Aphidius nigripes
Differential susceptibility of Cotesia orobenae, a parasitoid of the cross-striped cabbageworm, to commonly used insecticides in Cruciferae
Induction of males in thelytokous populations of Encarsia meritoria and Encarsia protransvena
Spiders in wheat
Food consumption and utilisation by larvae of two coccinellid predators, Scymnus levaillanti and Cycloneda sanguinea, on cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii
Effects of sequential mating by males on reproductive output of the stinkbug predator, Podisus nigrispinus
Relative consumption of three aphid species by the lacewing, Chrysoperla rufilabris, and effects on its development and survival
A new bio-formulation containing plant growth promoting rhizobacterial mixture for the management of sheath blight and enhanced grain yield in rice
Whether to release Oxyops vitiosa from a second Australian site onto Florida's melaleuca? A molecular approach
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