Augmentative biological control of arthropods in Latin America
Intraguild responses of aphid predators on apple to the invasion of an exotic species, Harmonia axyridis
Development and reproduction of a predatory stinkbug, Podisus nigrispinus, in relation to two different prey types and environmental conditions
Low humidity as a cue for habitat preference in the parasitoid Lariophagus distinguendus
Factors affecting progeny production of Anaphes iole *
Field parasitism of Ceratitis capitata larvae by Aganaspis daci in Chios, Greece
Damage to lima beans by Helicoverpa zea larvae treated as different instars with a nucleopolyhedrovirus*
Effectiveness and pesticide susceptibility of the pyrethroid-resistant predatory mite Amblyseius womersleyi in the integrated pest management of tea pests
Use of essential oil as botanical-pesticide against post harvest spoilage in Malus pumilo fruit
Biological control of maize seed pathogenic fungi by use of actinomycetes