Impact of predation on establishment of the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines in soybean, Glycine max
Effect of temperature on development, growth and feeding of Coccinella septempunctata and Hippodamia convergens reared on the tobacco aphid, Myzus persicae nicotianae
Effects of storage at low-temperature of various heteropteran host eggs on the egg parasitoid, Trissolcus semistriatus
In-field production of parasitoids of Dysaphis plantaginea by using the rowan aphid Dysaphis sorbi as substitute host
Toxicity of some insecticides to Tetranychus urticae, Neoseiulus californicus and Tydeus californicus
Susceptibility of Meligethes spp. and Dasyneura brassicae to entomopathogenic nematodes during pupation in soil
Biological control of three floating water weeds,Eichhornia crassipes, Pistia stratiotes, and Salviniamolesta in the Republic of Congo
The potential impact of the trimorphic flea-beetle, Alagoasa extrema, on a selected weedy variety of Lantana camara
The trimorphic flea-beetle, Alagoasa extrema, not suitable for biocontrol of Lantana camara in Africa