Deep space and hidden depths : Understanding the evolution and ecology of fungal entomopathogens
Fungal evolution and taxonomy
Molecular ecology of fungal entomopathogens : Molecular genetic tools and their applications in population and fate studies
Principles from community and metapopulation ecology : Application to fungal entomopathogens
Challenges in modelling complexity of fungal entomopathogens in semi-natural populations of insects
Fungal entomopathogens in a tritrophic context
Entomopathogenic fungi and insect behaviour : From unsuspecting hosts to targeted vectors
Fungal entomopathogens in the rhizosphere
Endophytic fungal entomopathogens with activity against plant pathogens : Ecology and evolution
Ecological considerations in producing and formulating fungal entomopathogens for use in insect biocontrol
Fungal pathogens as classical biological control agents against arthropods
Ecological factors in the inundative use of fungal entomopathogens
Conservation biological control using fungal entomopathogens