Genetic variation in the endangered endemic species Cycas fairylakea (Cycadaceae) in China and implications for conservation

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Cycas fairylakea is an endangered endemic species in China. Genetic diversity within and among four natural populations of this species in China was investigated using amplified fragments length polymorphism (AFLP). A moderate to low level of intraspecific genetic diversity was detected in this species (at population level: P = 39.57 %, H0 = 0.244; at species level: P = 60.22%, H0 = 0.356). The among-population component accounted for, respectively, 25.7 and 31.5% of the genetic variation, according to AMOVA and Shannon's index, indicating most of the genetic variation was found between individuals within populations. All four populations have opposite pyramid age structure, and few coning individuals, which is still decreasing. Possibly because of habitat degradation and environmental pollution, plant diseases and insect pests in the populations were extremely serious, suggesting that the main factors threatening the survival of C. fairylakea populations were not genetic variation, but human activities and the breeding system of this species.

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