Microsensors as a tool to determine chemical microgradients and bacterial activity in wastewater biofilms and flocs
Detection and quantification of microorganisms in anaerobic bioreactors
13C-NMR Study of propionate metabolism by sludges from bioreactors treating sulfate and sulfide rich wastewater
Mathematical modelling as a tool to study population dynamics between sulfate reducing and methanogenic bacteria
Bioenergetics of sulphate-reducing bacteria in relation to their environmental impact
Anaerobic treatment of sulphate-rich wastewaters
Thermophilic anaerobic treatment of sulphur rich forest industry wastewater
Full-scale and laboratory-scale anaerobic treatment of citric acid production wastewater
An integrated algal sulphate reducing high rate ponding process for the treatment of acid mine drainage wastewaters
Technological aspects of the microbial treatment of sulfide-rich wastewaters : A case study
Abatement of volatile organic sulfur compounds in odorous emissions from the bio-industry
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Technological and economic aspects of coal biodesulfurisation
Biotechnological possibilities for waste tyre-rubber treatment
Sulfur metabolism in higher plants : potential for phytoremediation