A comparison of the ability of forest and agricultural soils to mineralize chlorinated aromatic compounds
Growth inhibition of biomass adapted to the degradation of toluene and xylenes in mixture in a batch reactor with substrates supplied by pulses
Radiotoxicity of plutonium in NTA-degrading Chelatobacter heintzii cell suspensions*
Facilitation of cometabolic degradation of 4-chlorophenol using glucose as an added growth substrate
Fate of the herbicides mecoprop, dichlorprop, and 2,4-D in aerobic and anaerobic sewage sludge as determined by laboratory batch studies and enantiomer-specific analysis
Transformation of diphenyl ethers by Trametes versicolor and characterization of ring cleavage products
Transformation of carbon tetrachloride in an anaerobic packed-bed reactor without addition of another electron donor
Anaerobic transformation of 1,1,1-trichloroethane by municipal digester sludge