Decolourisation of reactive textile dyes Drimarene Blue X3LR and Remazol Brilliant Blue R by Funalia trogii ATCC 200800
Process inhibition due to organic acids in fed-batch composting of food waste – influence of starting culture
Enhancement of anaerobic carbon tetrachloride biotransformation in methanogenic sludge with redox active vitamins
Degradation of nitrocellulose by fungi
Biodegradation of naphthalene-2-sulfonic acid present in tannery wastewater by bacterial isolates Arthrobacter sp. 2AC and Comamonas sp. 4BC
Propylphenols are metabolites in the anaerobic biodegradation of propylbenzene under iron-reducing conditions
Accelerated degradation of N, N′′ (DBU) upon repeated application
3-Chloro-, 2,3- and 3,5-dichlorobenzoate co-metabolism in a 2-chlorobenzoate-degrading consortium : role of 3,5-dichlorobenzoate as antagonist of 2-chlorobenzoate degradation
Reductive dechlorination of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) isomers in soil under anaerobic conditions