Aims and Scope
Biodiversity and Conservation
Biodiversity and Conservation
Structural diversity and representativeness of forest vegetation in a protected area of Kumaun Himalaya, India : implications for conservation
Plant biodiversity inventory and conservation of two tropical dry evergreen forests on the Coromandel coast, south India
The role of mammals in maintaining plant species richness in a floating Typha marsh in southern Ontario
Biogeography of Puerto Rican ants : a non-equilibrium case?
High diversity and regional endemism in land snails of eastern Tanzania
Diversities and distributions of 80 land-snail species in southeastern-most Madagascan rainforests, with a report that lowlands are richer than highlands in endemic and rare species
Disturbance, selective logging and bird diversity : a Neotropical forest study
The Palms of Madagascar : John Drans®eld and Henk Beentje
Centres of Plant Diversity Volume I : Europe, Africa and South West Asia and Volume II, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific
Biodiversity and Conservation in Tumbesian Ecuador and Peru : B.J. Best and M.Kessler (authors)
Understanding Marine Biodiversity – a Research Agenda for the Nation : Committee on Biological Diversity in Marine Systems (co-chairs: Cheryl Ann Butman and James T. Carlton) (Washington, DC
Biodiversity and Conservation of Neotropical Montane Forests. : Proceedings of the Neotropical Montane Forest Biodiversity and Conservation Symposium, the New York Botanical Garden, 21-26 June 1993