Biodiversity and Conservation
Species density of phanerogams and bryophytes in Dutch forests
Modelling floristic species richness on a regional scale
Enhancing the biodiversity of Scotland's forest resource through the development of a network of forest habitats
Primary forest succession on poor sandy soilsas related to site factors
Long-term effects of clear-felling on vegetation dynamics and species diversity in a boreal pine forest
Biodiversity of Dutch forest ecosystems as affected by receding groundwater levels and atmospheric deposition
Reversing borealization as a means to restore biodiversity in Central-European mountainforests – an example from the KrkonosˇeMountains, Czech Republic
Increase of biodiversity in homogeneous Scots pine stands by an ecologically diversified management
Islands, Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Function
A Manual of California Vegetation
Agricultural Trade Conflicts and the GATT
Plant Invaders. The Threat to Natural Ecosystems
Green Justice - the Environment and the Courts (2nd edition)
Biodiversity Loss
Population and Environment
Tropical deforestation
Asia-Pacific Symposium on Mangrove Ecosystems