Home range of greater and lesser rhea in Argentina : relevance to conservation
Mapping the spatial distribution of plant diversity indices in a tropical forest using multi-spectral satellite image classification and field measurements
Use of molluscs, fish, and other marine taxa by tourism in Zanzibar, Tanzania
Endemic flora biodiversity in the south of the Iberian Peninsula : altitudinal distribution, life forms and dispersal modes
An estimate of the costs of an effective system of protected areas in the Niger Delta – Congo Basin Forest Region
Slow death of Atlantic forest trees in cocoa agroforestry in southeastern Brazil
Bryozoan biodiversity in the New Zealand region and implications for marine conservation
Patterns of diversity, endemism and conservation : an example with Mexican species of Ternstroemiaceae Mirb. ex DC. (Tricolpates: Ericales)
Density dependence and risk of extinction in a small population of sea otters
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