Extinction risk
Extinction risk
Application of IUCN red listing criteria at the regional and national levels
Accumulation of knowledge and changes in red list classifications within the family galliformes1980–2004
Comparing IUCN and probabilistic assessments of threat
Ecological predictors of extinction risk in the flora of lowland england, uk
Habitats and resources
Assessment of extinction risk and reasons for decline in sturgeon
A comparison of predictive methods in extinction risk studies
Analysing extinction risk in parrots using decision trees
Extinction risk
Viability and management of an endangered capercaillie (tetrao urogallus) metapopulation in the jura mountains, western switzerland
Parasites and conservation biology
Impact of red deer Cervus Elaphus grazing on bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus and composition of ground beetle (Coleoptera, Carabidae) assemblage
Efficiency of a rapid assessment of the diversity of ground beetles and ants, in natural and disturbed habitats of the nahuel huapi region (nw patagonia, argentina)