Extinction of Fen and Bog Plants and their Habitats in Croatia
Floristic and ecological diversity of Ranunculus aquatic habitats in the sub-Atlantic range: : Implications for conservation
Testing the higher-taxon approach: : A case study of aquatic marcophytes in China's northwest arid zone and its implications for conservation
Aquatic plants diversity in arid zones of Northwest China: : Patterns, threats and conservation
Red Data List of Charophytes in the Balkans
Seasonal changes in bird species diversity at the interface between forest and reed-bed
Plant-water regime management in a wetland: : Consequences for a floating vegetation-nesting bird, whiskered tern Chlidonias hybridus
Population trends and calling phenology of anuran populations surveyed in Ontario estimated using acoustic surveys
Diversity of Anurans Across Agricultural Ponds in Argentina
Species turnover: : The case of stream amphibians of rainforests in the Western Ghats, southern India
Small-scale biogeographical patterns in some groundwater Crustacea, the syncarid, Parabathynellidae
Freshwater finfish biodiversity and conservation: : An asian perspective
The upper reached ichthyofauna of the Tietê River, São Paulo, Brazil: : Aspects of their diversity and conservation
Captive breeding of endangered fish Chitala chitala (Hamilton-Buchanan) for species conservation and sustainable utilization
Distinctive invertebrate assemblages in rockface seepages enhance lotic biodiversity in northern New Zealand
Rare, threatened and alien species in the gastropod communities in the clay pit ponds in relation to the environmental factors (The Ciechanowska Upland, Central Poland)
Littoral mollusc communities and water quality in southern Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Coral diversity across a disturbance gradient in the Pulau Seribu reef complex off Jakarta, Indonesia
Biological characterisation of a subtidal tunnel in São Miguel island (Azores)
Faunal change and bathymetric diversity gradient in deep-sea prosobranchs from Northeastern Atlantic
Distribution and abundance of marine turtles in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Invertebrate infestation on eggs and hatchlings of the loggerhead turtle, Caretta caretta, in Dalaman, Turkey
Marine sponges of the Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia: : Patterns of species distributions, abundance and diversity
Effects of habitat alteration caused by petrochemical activities and oil spills on the habitat use and interspecific relationships among four species of Afrotropical freshwater turtles
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