Managing Unexpected Events in the Manufacturing of Biologic Medicines

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The manufacturing of biologic medicines (biologics) requires robust process and facility design, rigorous regulatory compliance, and a well-trained workforce. Because of the complex attributes of biologics and their sensitivity to production and handling conditions, manufacturing of these medicines also requires a high-reliability manufacturing organization. As required by regulators, such an organization must monitor the state-of-control for the manufacturing process. A high-reliability organization also invests in an experienced and fully engaged technical support staff and fosters a management culture that rewards in-depth analysis of unexpected results, robust risk assessments, and timely and effective implementation of mitigation measures. Such a combination of infrastructure, technology, human capital, management, and a science-based operations culture does not occur without a strong organizational and financial commitment. These attributes of a high-reliability biologics manufacturer are difficult to achieve and may be differentiating factors as the supply of biologics diversifies in future years.

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