The Mitochondrial Protein Import Pathway: Are Precursors Imported through Membrane Channels?
The First Steps of Protein Import into Mitochondria
Recognition and Binding of Mitochondrial Presequences during the Import of Proteins into Mitochondria
Coupling Chemical Energy by the hsp70/tim44 Complex to Drive Protein Translocation into Mitochondria1
Molecular Chaperones and Mitochondrial Protein Folding
Assembly of Deletion Mutants of the Rieske Iron-Sulfur Protein into the Cytochrome bc 1 Complex of Yeast Mitochondria
Expression of Bacteriorhodopsin in Sf9 and COS-1 Cells
Unisite Hydrolysis of [γ32P]ATP by Soluble Mitochondrial F1-ATPase and Its Release by Excess ADP and ATP. Effect of Trifluoperazine
Proton Pumping of Mitochondrial Complex I: Differential Activation by Analogs of Ubiquinone
Steady-State Proton Translocation in Bovine Heart Mitochondrial bc 1 Complex Reconstituted into Liposomes
Dependence of H2O2 Formation by Rat Heart Mitochondria on Substrate Availability and Donor Age
Homologous and Heterologous Interactions between Hexokinase and Mitochondrial Porin: Evolutionary Implications