Bioenergetics of Cancer Cells-A Brief Orientation to This Minireview Series
Early Bioenergetic Changes in Hepatocarcinogenesis: Preneoplastic Phenotypes Mimic Responses to Insulin and Thyroid Hormone
The Role of Phosphometabolites in Cell Proliferation, Energy Metabolism, and Tumor Therapy
Hexokinase Binding to Mitochondria: A Basis for Proliferative Energy Metabolism
Aberrant Glycolytic Metabolism of Cancer Cells: A Remarkable Coordination of Genetic, Transcriptional, Post-translational, and Mutational Events That Lead to a Critical Role for Type II Hexokinase
Oncogenes in Tumor Metabolism, Tumorigenesis, and Apoptosis
Aerobic Glycolysis by Proliferating Cells: Protection against Oxidative Stress at the Expense of Energy Yield
Mitochondrial Biogenesis in the Liver during Development and Oncogenesis
Oxidative Phosphorylation Enzymes in Normal and Neoplastic Cell Growth
Mitochondrial Contributions to Cancer Cell Physiology: Redox Balance, Cell Cycle, and Drug Resistance
Role of Intracellular pH in Proliferation, Transformation, and Apoptosis
Biochemical, Genetic, and Metabolic Adaptations of Tumor Cells That Express the Typical Multidrug-Resistance Phenotype. Reversion by New Therapies