Clomipramine and Related Structures as Inhibitors of the Skeletal Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+ Pump
Heme Centers of Rhodothermus marinus Respiratory Chain. Characterization of Its cbb 3 Oxidase1
The Contribution of Mitochondrial Respiratory Complexes to the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species1
Cerebral Cortex Synaptic Heavy Mitochondria May Represent the Oldest Synaptic Mitochondrial Population: Biochemical Heterogeneity and Effects of L-Acetylcarnitine
Iron-Induced Oxidant Stress Leads to Irreversible Mitochondrial Dysfunctions and Fibrosis in the Liver of Chronic Iron-Dosed Gerbils. The Effect of Silybin1
Correlation Between Decreased Expression of Mitochondrial F0F1-ATP Synthase and Low Regenerating Capability of the Liver after Partial Hepatectomy in Hypothyroid Rats
Inactivation of Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore by Octylguanidine and Octylamine
Interactions Between Ascorbyl Free Radical and Coenzyme Q at the Plasma Membrane1