Introduction : A Close Look at the Vacuolar ATPase
A Journey From Mammals to Yeast With Vacuolar H+-ATPase (V-ATPase)
Subunit Structure, Function, and Arrangement in the Yeast and Coated Vesicle V-ATPases
Structure and Assembly of the Yeast V-ATPase
Assembly and Regulation of the Yeast Vacuolar H+-ATPase
Subunit Composition, Structure, and Distribution of Bacterial V-Type ATPases
Structure and Function of the Vacuolar H+-ATPase : Moving From Low-Resolution Models to High-Resolution Structures
Vacuolar H+ Pumping ATPases in Luminal Acidic Organelles and Extracellular Compartments : Common Rotational Mechanism and Diverse Physiological Roles
The Insect Plasma Membrane H+ V-ATPase : Intra-, Inter-, and Supramolecular Aspects
Vacuolar Proton Pumps in Malaria Parasite Cells
New Insight Into the Structure and Regulation of the Plant Vacuolar H+-ATPase