Gradual Alteration of Mitochondrial Structure and Function by β-Amyloids : Importance of Membrane Viscosity Changes, Energy Deprivation, Reactive Oxygen Species Production, and Cytochrome c Release
Sphingosine Forms Channels in Membranes That Differ Greatly from Those Formed by Ceramide
Diacylglycerols Activate Mitochondrial Cationic Channel(s) and Release Sequestered Ca2+
Intracellular Ca2+ Pools and Fluxes in Cardiac Muscle-Derived H9c2 Cells
An Inception Report on the TOM Complex of the Amoeba Acanthamoeba castellanii, a Simple Model Protozoan in Mitochondria Studies
Sodium, Potassium-ATPases in Algae and Oomycetes