Transport ATPases
The Structural Basis for Coupling of Ca2+ Transport to ATP Hydrolysis by the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+-ATPase
Studies of Ca2+ ATPase (SERCA) Inhibition
Regulation of Plant Plasma Membrane H+- and Ca2+-ATPases by Terminal Domains
SERCA2a in Heart Failure
Splice Variants of the Gamma Subunit (FXYD2) and Their Significance in Regulation of the Na, K-ATPase in Kidney
Function of FXYD Proteins, Regulators of Na, K-ATPase
Structure and Regulation of the V-ATPases
Close-Up and Genomic Views of the Yeast Vacuolar H+-ATPase
Rotation, Structure, and Classification of Prokaryotic V-ATPase
Structure and Mechanism of Vacuolar Na+-Translocating ATPase From Enterococcus hirae
Selective Assembly of V-ATPase Subunit Isoforms in Mouse Kidney
Interactions Between Vacuolar H+-ATPases and Microfilaments in Osteoclasts
Physiological and Metabolic Implications of V-ATPase Isoforms in the Kidney
V-ATPases as Drug Targets
Identification of Phosphate Binding Residues of Escherichia coli ATP Synthase
Zooming in on ATP Hydrolysis in F1
Structure and Function of Subunit a of the ATP Synthase of Escherichia coli
Chemomechanical Coupling in Single-Molecule F-Type ATP Synthase
ATP Synthases With Novel Rotor Subunits
Ectopic Localization of Mitochondrial ATP Synthase
Coupling Proton Movement to ATP Synthesis in the Chloroplast ATP Synthase
Nucleotide Binding Domain Interactions During the Mechanochemical Reaction Cycle of ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters
New Insights into the Drug Binding, Transport and Lipid Flippase Activities of the P-Glycoprotein Multidrug Transporter
The Remarkable Transport Mechanism of P-Glycoprotein
The Occluded Nucleotide Conformation of P-Glycoprotein
Rescue of Folding Defects in ABC Transporters Using Pharmacological Chaperones
The Intracellular Antigen Transport Machinery TAP in Adaptive Immunity and Virus Escape Mechanisms