Structural and functional analysis of the coupling subunit F in solution and topological arrangement of the stalk domains of the methanogenic A1AO ATP synthase
Caenorhabditis elegans MAI-1 protein, which is similar to mitochondrial ATPase inhibitor (IF1), can inhibit yeast F0F1-ATPase but cannot be transported to yeast mitochondria
MitoKATP-dependent changes in mitochondrial volume and in complex II activity during ischemic and pharmacological preconditioning of langendorff-perfused rat heart
On the mechanism of palmitic acid-induced apoptosis : the role of a pore induced by palmitic acid and Ca2+ in mitochondria
Testing the vicious cycle theory of mitochondrial ROS production : effects of H2O2 and cumene hydroperoxide treatment on heart mitochondria
Inhibition of specific electron transport pathways leads to oxidative stress and decreased Candida albicans proliferation
Profound effects of the general anesthetic etomidate on oxidative phosphorylation without effects on their yield
Electrical stimulation of the energy metabolism in yeast cells using a planar Ti-Au-Electrode interface