Single channel studies of the ATP-regulated potassium channel in brain mitochondria
Uncoupling protein-1 (UCP1) contributes to the basal proton conductance of brown adipose tissue mitochondria
NMR solution structure of the N-terminal domain of subunit E (E1--52) of A1AO ATP synthase from Methanocaldococcus jannaschii
Hydrogenated and fluorinated surfactants derived from Tris (hydroxymethyl)-acrylamidomethane allow the purification of a highly active yeast F1-F0 ATP-synthase with an enhanced stability
The TOM complex is involved in the release of superoxide anion from mitochondria
Mitochondrial damage as death inducer in heart-derived H9c2 cells : more than one way for an early demise
Superoxide anion production by the mitochondrial respiratory chain of hepatocytes of rats with experimental toxic hepatitis
Succinate is the controller of O2 −/H2O2 release at mitochondrial complex I : negative modulation by malate, positive by cyanide
Physiological aspects of the mitochondrial cyclosporin A-insensitive palmitate/Ca2+-induced pore : tissue specificity, age profile and dependence on the animal's adaptation to hypoxia