Introduction to the mini-review series on bioenergetics and biomembranes authored by participants of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Influence of aging on membrane permeability transition in brain mitochondria
Specific effects of reactive thiol drugs on mitochondrial bioenergetics
Mitochondrial energy metabolism and redox responses to hypertriglyceridemia
The role of mitochondrial DNA damage in the citotoxicity of reactive oxygen species
Disruption of mitochondrial homeostasis in organic acidurias: insights from human and animal studies
Mitochondrial energy metabolism in neurodegeneration associated with methylmalonic acidemia
The complex interplay between mitochondrial dynamics and cardiac metabolism
hypothalamic inflammation and thermogenesis: the brown adipose tissue connection
Bioenergetic impact of tissue-specific regulation of iodothyronine deiodinases during nutritional imbalance
Differential expression of uncoupling mitochondrial protein and alternative oxidase in the plant response to stress
Arabidopsis thaliana Uncoupling Proteins (AtUCPs): insights into gene expression during development and stress response and epigenetic regulation
Classical and alternative components of the mitochondrial respiratory chain in pathogenic fungi as potential therapeutic targets
Ecto-phosphatases in protozoan parasites: possible roles in nutrition, growth and ROS sensing
On the mechanisms involved in biological heme crystallization