Vaccine development against theTaenia soliumparasite: The role of recombinant protein expression in Escherichia coli

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Taenia soliumis a zoonotic parasite that causes cysticercosis. The parasite is a major cause of human disease in impoverished communities where it is transmitted to humans from pigs which act as intermediate hosts. Vaccination of pigs to prevent transmission ofT. soliumto humans is an approach that has been investigated to control the disease. A recombinant vaccine antigen, TSOL18, has been remarkably successful at reducing infection of pigs withT. soliumin several experimental challenge trials. The vaccine has been shown to eliminate transmission of naturally acquiredT. soliumin a field trial conducted in Africa. We recently reported that the vaccine was also effective in a field trial conducted in Peru. The TSOL18 recombinant antigen for each of these trials has been produced by expression inEscherichia coli. Here we discuss research that has been undertaken on the TSOL18 antigen and related antigens with a focus on improved methods of preparation of recombinant TSOL18 and optimized expression inEscherichia coli.

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