Infectious Disease Ethics: Limiting Liberty in Contexts of Contagion
Recent Developments
Moral Principles for Allocating Scarce Medical Resources in an Influenza Pandemic
Effective use of a Limited Antiviral Stockpile for Pandemic Influenza
Do Physicians' Legal Duties to Patients Conflict with Public Health Values? The Case of Antibiotic Overprescription
Syndromic Surveillance and Patients as Victims and Vectors
Should Persons Detained During Public Health Crises Receive Compensation?
Your Liberty or Your Life: Reciprocity in the Use of Restrictive Measures in Contexts of Contagion
A New Vaccine for Tuberculosis: The Challenges of Development and Deployment
Increasing Knowledge of HIV Infection Status through Opt-Out Testing
Challenging the Status Quo
Responding to Global Poverty: Review Essay of Peter Singer, The Life you can Save
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Republication: In That Case
In that Case