Recent Developments
New Perspectives on the End of Life
Two Decades of Research on Euthanasia from the Netherlands. What Have We Learnt and What Questions Remain?
Dealing Death and Retrieving Organs
The Last Hellos
Dealing With Death in the Jewish Legal Tradition
The Traditional Account of Ethics and Law at the End of Life—and its Discontents
My Death
The Suicide Tourist Trap: Compromise Across Boundaries
End-of-Life Decisions and Moral Psychology: Killing, Letting Die, Intention and Foresight
The Map
Policy Design for Human Embryo Research in Canada: An Analysis (Part 2 of 2)
Bioethics: An Export Product? Reflections on Hands-On Involvement in Exploring the “External” Validity of International Bioethical Declarations
Parental Authority, Future Autonomy, and Assessing Risks of Predictive Genetic Testing in Minors
Research Involving Children: Direct Benefit or Social Value?
Lynch, Holly Fernandez. 2008. Conflicts of conscience in health care: An institutional compromise
Allhoff, Fritz. ed. 2008. Physicians at war: The dual-loyalties challenge
La Americana. Documentary Film. Written and directed by Nicholas Bruckman. Bolivia/USA: People's Television, 2008. Run Time: 65 min
The final inch
Republication: In That Case
In That Case