Recent Developments
No Chance, No Value, or No Way: Reassessing the Place of Futility in Health Care and Bioethics
Defining Medical Futility and Improving Medical Care
Medical Futility and the Death of a Child
Same Coin-Different Sides? Futility and Patient Refusal of Treatment
Minimally Conscious States, Deep Brain Stimulation, and What is Worse than Futility
The Futility of Futility: Death Causation is the ‘Elephant in the Room’ in Discussions about Limitation of Medical Treatment
Futility Determination as a Process: Problems with Medical Sovereignty, Legal Issues and the Strengths and Weakness of the Procedural Approach
Negative “GHIs,” the Right to Health Protection, and Future Generations
“Unfit for Life”: A Case Study of Protector-Protected Analogies in Recent Advocacy of Eugenics and Coercive Genetic Discrimination
Marginalizing Experience: A Critical Analysis of Public Discourse Surrounding Stem Cell Research in Australia (2005–6)
Sharrock, Justine. 2010. Tortured: When good soldiers do bad things
Film Review
Allhoff, Fritz, Patrick Lin, and Daniel Moore. 2010. What is nanotechnology and why does it matter? From science to ethics
Republication: In That Case
In that Case