Distinction at the leading edge of the cell
Pack-MULEs: theft on a massive scale
Endocytosis of the apical junctional complex: mechanisms and possible roles in regulation of epithelial barriers
Edit, cut and paste in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor gene family of Drosophila melanogaster
The ARP2/3 complex: giving plant cells a leading edge
Evolution of the gelsolin family of actin-binding proteins as novel transcriptional coactivators
SQ/TQ cluster domains: concentrated ATM/ATR kinase phosphorylation site regions in DNA-damage-response proteins
Regulatory cross-talk between lysine acetylation and ubiquitination: role in the control of protein stability
Coevolution theory of the genetic code at age thirty
Energy transduction anchors genes in organelles
Forces maintaining organellar genomes: is any as strong as genetic code disparity or hydrophobicity?
Micelle formation and crystallization as paradigms for virus assembly
On reductionism, organicism, somatic mutations and cancer
Response to Coffman