“Intelligent Design” as both problem and symptom
Polycomb, Trithorax and the decision to differentiate
Duplication and divergence in humans and chimpanzees
Kinases and G proteins join the Wnt receptor complex
Why photoreceptors die (and why they don’t)
Cell cycle control by oscillating regulatory proteins in Caulobacter crescentus
The interleukin-15/interleukin-15 receptor system as a model for juxtacrine and reverse signaling
Unbalanced alternative splicing and its significance in cancer
Cellular toxicity of oxycholesterols
Compositional complementarity and prebiotic ecology in the origin of life
When Brachyury meets Smad1: the evolution of bilateral symmetry during gastrulation
Decoding the rice genome
Cancer surgery: risks and opportunities
The early history of life on Earth: reconstructing an elusive story
Fisher, Demetrius and Wright: contending models
Reply to Edwards' response
Reply to Edwards' response