Highlights from this Issue
From Spangled Hamburghs to Turing machines: evolution – the outer reaches
Sudden infant death syndrome and serotonin: animal models
Genomic analysis of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells: routes to reprogramming
On the diabetic menu: Zebrafish as a model for pancreas development and function
Mammalian fertilization: the strange case of sperm protein 56
Regulation of targeted gene repair by intrinsic cellular processes
Commitment to meiosis: what determines the mode of division in budding yeast?
Distinguishing heat from light in debate over controversial fossils
Collective behavior in cancer cell populations
What are genes “for” or where are traits “from”? What is the question?
Chromosome segment duplications in Neurospora crassa : barren crosses beget fertile science
Shadows of complexity: what biological networks reveal about epistasis and pleiotropy
The ‘kinetochore maintenance loop’—The mark of regulation?
Dinoflagellate mitochondrial genomes: stretching the rules of molecular biology
Using embryonic stem cells to form a biological pacemaker via tissue engineering technology
Comment on “Microfluidics meets cell biology: bridging the gap by validation and application of microscale techniques for cell biological assays”