Highlights form this Issue
Attractors: strange but not strangers… : Surrounding us in nature, attractors are not strangers, but they are certainly strange to most biologists
Switching Akt: from survival signaling to deadly response
How did parasitic worms evolve?
Classification of sequence signatures: a guide to Hox protein function
The genome-centric concept: resynthesis of evolutionary theory
Revisiting the concept of lineage in prokaryotes: a phylogenetic perspective
The evolutionary context of robust and redundant cell biological mechanisms
Reprogramming cell fates: reconciling rarity with robustness
MeCP2 post-translational regulation through PEST domains: two novel hypotheses : Potential relevance and implications for Rett syndrome
The DING family of proteins: ubiquitous in eukaryotes, but where are the genes?
The predatory mite Metaseiulus occidentalis : mitey small and mitey large genomes