Unfolding evolution
The motile cilium in development and disease: emerging new insights
Putting together the pieces: evolutionary mechanisms at work within genomes
Transposable elements: powerful facilitators of evolution
Transposable elements and an epigenetic basis for punctuated equilibria
Conserved noncoding elements and the evolution of animal body plans
MicroRNAs and metazoan macroevolution: insights into canalization, complexity, and the Cambrian explosion
Predation between prokaryotes and the origin of eukaryotes
The origin of Metazoa: a transition from temporal to spatial cell differentiation
Cells need safety valves
The cytoplasmic structure hypothesis for ribosome assembly, vertical inheritance, and phylogeny
Toward an organismal, integrative, and iterative phylogeography
Signaling networks and transcription factors regulating mechanotransduction in bone
From heavy metal-binders to biosensors: Ciliate metallothioneins discussed