Highlights from this Issue
False impressions, intuition and the nature of methods : How insufficient study of methods confounds the study of biology itself.
Electron microscopy of helical filaments: rediscovering buried treasures in negative stain
Genomic mutation rates: what high-throughput methods can tell us
Trans -splicing of organelle introns – a detour to continuous RNAs
Mammalian prenatal development: the influence of maternally derived molecules
Expanding roles for AMP-activated protein kinase in neuronal survival and autophagy
Pannexins, distant relatives of the connexin family with specific cellular functions?
Evolutionary formation of new protein folds is linked to metallic cofactor recruitment
Incomplete penetrance and variable expressivity: is there a microRNA connection?
Characterisation of normal and cancer stem cells: One experimental paradigm for two kinds of stem cells
Encyclopedic microbiology: animalcules
Comment on “The emerging roles of cystatins in Alzheimer's disease” DOI 10.1002/bies.200900012