Highlights from this Issue
The fight for evolution: acceptance through pragmatism?
How depolymerization can promote polymerization: the case of actin and profilin
Catalytic antibodies: balancing between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Stripe formation in the early fly embryo: principles, models, and networks
Flower symmetry evolution: towards understanding the abominable mystery of angiosperm radiation
Cancer-associated neochromosomes: a novel mechanism of oncogenesis
Fungal incompatibility: Evolutionary origin in pathogen defense?
Circadian and solar clocks interact in seasonal flowering
Early steps in plastid evolution: current ideas and controversies
Plant-microbe symbioses: new insights into common roots
The granulin gene family: from cancer to dementia
Belief versus acceptance: Why do people not believe in evolution?
Reply to “Humans as second orangutans: sense or nonsense?”